Toric reference marker, 4-7/8'',3 blades in-line mounted, 10.0mm inside diameter, 15.0mm outside diameter, round handle, stainless steel
445.00 445.0 USD
Toric IOL Marker for marking two 2.5mm axis marks, for use with Bevel Degree Gauge E3-4076, flat handle, 100mm overall length, stainless steel
344.00 344.0 USD
Bores Two-Ray Meridian Marker, round knurled handle, 100mm overall length, Titanium (with stainless color)
582.00 582.0 USD
Intra-Op LRI Toric Astigmatism Marker 6 & 8mm cord length with Degree Gauge, 0-180 degree markings on head, round knurled handle, 125mm overall length, Titanium
784.00 784.0 USD